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Indigo2 Serial Console


I have a couple I2's I would like to run Debian on.  I am having trouble
with the serial console.  I am able to view the machine starting up
through Hyperterminal on my Windows PC but I am unable to type to the
console.  On the I2 I have "setenv console d1".  On the PC my term
settings are 9600 8 N 1, no flow control.  I get to where I am prompted
to hit <ESC> for system maintenance and I press it repeatedly but I get
no response, the I2 continues to boot IRIX.  My cable is connected like

I2 8 Pin Mini DIN Pin 3 (TD) to PC DB9 Pin 2 (RD)
I2 8 Pin Mini DIN Pin 4 (SG) to PC DB9 Pin 5 (SG)
I2 8 Pin Mini DIN Pin 5 (RD) to PC DB9 Pin 3 (TD)

Can anyone help?



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