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Re: Serial Console pinout

virek wrote:

I have not been able to find a document (my fault I know) that can tell me the pinout needed for a serial console cable. I would like to tip from my BSD destop (db9) to an Indigo2 (so I can install debian). I've had no problem getting into HPs and Sparcs but I have no idea what the SGI needs.

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I can give you the pinout if i iam at work, couse i've there such a cable.
The Cisco console RJ45/Cat5 Cable pinout is easy its just

and on the other side

so just completly twisted :)

The Pinout of the RJ45 to Serial adapter... when you need it let me know
cause i have to search the fscking thing inside my room :)
.oO( maybe i combine it with a tydie-up session?! )

Greetings Mirko

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