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Re: debian-mipsel installed on a Cobalt Qube2

So then, Vincent Stehlé <vincent.stehle@stepmind.com> is all like:

> Neale Pickett wrote:
> > How is vmlinux.ecoff different than plain old vmlinux?
>   It's just another format (not elf). Sorry for the "good" advice :/
>   I'm curious; how does your boot fail ?

Vincent, to me, anything I haven't tried yet is at least worth
considering, so there's no need to apologize!  However it does look as
though a COFF kernel isn't the answer here.

I wish I could tell you how my boot fails, but there's no serial port on
a Qube 1, so the only sensory input I get from a failed boot is:

1.  LCD says "Starting Up"
2.  Disk sounds like the head is briefly seeking something
3.  Game over

I've read that you can build a faux serial port for the Qube 1.  I've
seen the cryptic output of a Qube 2 failing to boot, though, and unless
I can find one of the folks who wrote the bootloader code, I don't think
the serial output is going to tell me anything other than "it didn't
boot".  So I'm hesitant to expend the effort :)

Having diddled with two Qube 2700s, I'm fairly confident that until
someone steps forward with a bus analyzer and a lot of patience, you're
not going to get a 2.4 kernel on the suckers.

They make really nifty night-lights though :)


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