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Re: Install hangs...

What machine are you trying to install this on?

Chances are you have an unsupported video card in your machine. Indy's with XZ Newport cards will do this as well as other mips machines with non-newport XL boards.
Try installing via console.


Mike Rivett wrote:

I have an odd problem... no matter what I do my bootp install hangs after it loads the image (tftpboot.img) I have done the following: setenv srvaddr // the bootp/dhcp test box
set DEBUG 1 // btw I get the same result with or without the debug flag
boop()/tftpboot.img I get: obtaining /tftpboot.img from server // network activity .... 2027520+1762928+95120 entry 0x8800246c then my mouse stops working (kbd lights still work but no chars on screen) I can't seem any messages on here from people stuck at the same point as me... anyone have any insight? Thanks -- Mike Rivett rivettmj@nospamexplodingcow.com <mailto:rivettmj@nospamexplodingcow.com>

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