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Re: all broken

Petri Tapio Koistinen wrote:
> Hi!
> Who ever takes care of http://www.debian.org/ports/mips/ page might want
> to know that link
>  "Debian/Mips indy install HOWTO
>     http://stafwag.f2g.net/indy/";

*sigh*   Removed.  I know that Gromitt has another one, if it is in
english I'll add that one instead.

Try this one:


> Also "Documentation on the 79RC32332
>     http://www.idt.com/products/pages/Processors-79RC32332.html";
> is broken.

Found another link, hope that'll be ok.

> So does "Little endian MIPS RPM package repository at MontaVista
>     ftp.mvista.com/pub/Area51/ddb-5476/".

Removed as well, maybe drow can add the correct link later.

> And finaly when I got into installing Debian on Indy and when I tried to
> "Install the Base System" from net I got error message:
> "Malformed release file
> http://http.us.debian.org:80/debian/dists/woody/Release";
> What's wrong with that?

*sigh*  That's a common problem...

On debian-boot somebody came up with a solution, however our last try
on sunday (ia32, though) it didn't work either.  I don't know the
reason for this.  Currently I don't have an URL for the "fix" handy,
but you should be able to find it in this months archive of debian-boot
or in the one from December last year.



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