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Re: NFS Install confusion...


Thanks for the pointers, still no joy.

As I said the image is transfering (when I use the -f flag, oops I
seem to forget that about 1/2 the time), the problem is it then says
bootp()tftpboot.img invalid boot image or something like that.  I'm
away from the machine and wasn't clever enough to setup a serial
console to a machine I have remote access on, so I don't have the
exact message.

Using the old style tftp the kernel and use an nfsrootfs, as the HOWTO
URL given previously suggests produces the same failure mode.

What's the canonical location for mips bootflopies (which I assume
covers net install too, as I have no floppy or CD on this system)?

I'll gladly spend some quality time RTFM, but I want to be sure it's
the right one.

Thanks Again,

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