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Re: Installation of Debian on R5K Indy

On Sat, Dec 15, 2001 at 06:17:56AM -0600, Trey Shewmake wrote:
> I've noticed the documentation for an Indy install is scattered widely
> across the 'net - unless anyone objects, I'll probably be putting together a
> more comprehensive HOWTO, and submitting it to the list for fine-tuning.  I
> also have an R4600 here, and will be attempting to install on it later in
> the week, so that the HOWTO will be more complete, and less specific to the
> R5k system.
Why not add it to the bootfloppies documentation(which comes with the
tftpimage)? All of the problems you encountered are already covered in
there, but it could use quiet a lot of polishing. The current version
can be checked out from cvs.debain.org.
 -- Guido

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