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Re: NFS Install confusion...

The bootfloppies are at the same location as the tftpboot.img file -


in the images-1.44/ directory, however, they appear to be downloaded with
the tftpboot.img when a network install is chosen.  There is no
documentation in the disk-mips/ directory tree, however, if that's what
you're looking for - all files in this tree are binaries, save for the

Make sure you have the dhcp, tftp, and bootp servers enabled in your
/etc/inetd.conf on your bootp() host, and that your filename option in your
/etc/dhcpd.conf is set to "filename=/$dir/tftpboot.img" (substitute $dir for
the location of the tftpdboot.img file).


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> Hi
> Thanks for the pointers, still no joy.
> As I said the image is transfering (when I use the -f flag, oops I
> seem to forget that about 1/2 the time), the problem is it then says
> bootp()tftpboot.img invalid boot image or something like that.  I'm
> away from the machine and wasn't clever enough to setup a serial
> console to a machine I have remote access on, so I don't have the
> exact message.
> Using the old style tftp the kernel and use an nfsrootfs, as the HOWTO
> URL given previously suggests produces the same failure mode.
> What's the canonical location for mips bootflopies (which I assume
> covers net install too, as I have no floppy or CD on this system)?
> I'll gladly spend some quality time RTFM, but I want to be sure it's
> the right one.
> Thanks Again,
> -Jon
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