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Debian on mips (indy r5k) - my summary

1) Instalation going fine (boot from tftpd and nfs), instalator is stable
and usable

2) configuration process - like on i386, goes fine (power of deb packages
always make me wonder!)

3) new newport driver (24) - works fine but it changing colors on "text"
(frame buffer) console (white goes green, blue goes green), there are some
problems with displaying pixmaps too

4) still problems with exceptions in c++ (in 2.95.4). Solutions: maybe we
can switch to gcc-3.0 on builders?

But I am very impressed when I use Debian GNU/Linux on my Indy. Keep the
good work!

   (Krzysztof 'eloy' Krzyżaniak)-(PH & PWA Member)-(eloy@transilvania.eu.org)

                           Gdzieś pomiędzy wierszami
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