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Re: NFS Install confusion...


I have the current docs now, and the latest tftpboot.img from

Still loosing with:

sash:bootp(): root=/dev/ram0
Unable to execute bootp():: Invalid Argument

the DHCP server is sun/solaris and working fine as the Indy does go
over to fetch the correct file from the tftp server (Debian/unstable
ia32 running 2.4.13)

on http://stafwag.f2g.net/indy/ I see that for 2.4 kernels he

	With Kernel 2.4 there's a problem with a bug in the Indy's
	PROM: tftp doesn't work if the Port is above 32768, which is
	default with 2.4, and wasn't with 2.2.

        echo 2048 32767 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range

Which I did.

The Indy is requesting the correct image as the logs on the tftp
server show:

Dec 17 09:41:21 in.tftpd[3942]: connect from 128.52.foo.bar
Dec 17 09:41:21 tftpd[3943]: tftpd: trying to get file: tftpboot.img 
Dec 17 09:41:21 tftpd[3943]: tftpd: serving file from /scratch2/indy 

hinv on the indy shows:

System: IP22
Processor: 175 MHz, R4400, with FPU


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