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Re: Tar'ed Base System?

Just joining the thread here...

I would like to load Debian onto an Indy.  I just downloaded root.tar
and the instructions, but I am still wondering where to find the
MIPS installation binaries.

The instructions say how to prepare floppies (on an Indy??) and that
the prefered method is from a CD.  The Debian pages make it seem that
burning my own CD is a repulsive and dishonorable act, and the vendors
I checked do not look promising.  How am I supposed to know if their
"full 6-CD set" has the MIPS binaries?

After assuming the proper level of guilt, I did check cdimage.debian.org,
checked MIRRORS (woody), and checked the closest mirror - but they only
had the i386 disto.

So... Where can I find a MIPS installation tarball?  I have already
installed the old Hard Hat 5.1 on my Indy, but I would really prefer
to use something recent.



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