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Re: Tar'ed Base System?

On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 03:16:55PM -0700, Richard Hodges wrote:
> I would like to load Debian onto an Indy.  I just downloaded root.tar
> and the instructions, but I am still wondering where to find the
> MIPS installation binaries.
(O.k., the docs need an update soon). Untar root.tar.gz on your
nfs-server and export it to your indy. Setup bootp to fetch the
kernel(the file r4k-ip22/linux) and to use untarred root.tar.gz as
nfsroot. bootp the kernel with:
 bootp(): ip=auto
 -- Guido

This kind of limitation can lead administrators to do irrational things,
      like install Windows. Clearly a fix was required. (lwn.net)

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