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Re: Replacing the Console driver

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001, John D. Davis wrote:
> I am modifying the linux kernel to be able to be run by a simulator.  I
> need to modify the console driver and interrupt handler.  I have been
> going through the various files, console.*, tty.* and the serial files to
> see how to interface to the console.  I have also read some kernel korner
> articles, but they seem a little out of date.  Is there any other
> recommended documentation on the console driver and how it works on an
> indy? I am trying to sort out the low-level interfaces from the
> higher-level ones.  I just need to change the low-level interface from
> using the hardware to using the simulator interface.

The interface to the console is specified in <linux/console.h>.

So write your own console implementation, and set

    conswitchp = &consw_for_your_emulator

in early kernel initialization code.



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