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Re: Indy & Debian

> > > > 1) What status have mips port? It's installable? Usable? Or still
> > > > experimentall?
> > >
> > > it's useable IMHO.
> > I have it running on a couple of production servers (They are not
> > producing anything but anyway :-))
> And what dou you think about using Debian MIPS for workstation?
> (comparing with IRIX6.2). I have only 2GB disk on this machine and I
> have to choose one system.

I am not running any kind af X on them just server software
(apache, bind, etc. I have not even connected a monitor to them). I
moved from IRIX to debian because it was not always easy to get
software to run under IRIX etc. And I prefered to have one less OS
to read concentrate on. And the support program here in Denmark
are really expencive we got a price for a software update about
2000$ to move to 6.5 on our Challenge L!

The maintaince of the debian are easy eventhou the
softwaremanager from SGI is a nice tool (The X client :-)). It is easy
to update and install software.

IRIX/SGI had a tendence to have a lot of "strange" software running
and to secure IRIX servers have not always been a easy task.

So overall I think that the maintaince hours have dropped.

But about X have no ideer.


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