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Re: Indy & Debian

> > 1) What status have mips port? It's installable? Usable? Or still
> > experimentall?
> it's useable IMHO.
I have it running on a couple of production servers (They are not 
producing anything but anyway :-))

> > 2) Where I can find any infos about installing process? On debian-mips
> > web-pages theres no information about it.
> i don't have the url ready, search for "debian mips install indy howto"
> with google and you should find a tutorial at staf.swfag or something
> thelike... that one is quite good, worked for me.
> Also look on linux-mips.org (or what that domain was)
> and check out #mipslinux in OPN; most of these sites are cited in the
> "Linux on MIPS" Howto at oss.sgi.com


You might what to increase the SGI volhdr to have room for more 
than one kernel.

Before step 3.3 set you system clock it might have been corruptet.
If it is wrong you get a lot of complain from tar

And you can do a chroot to edit the system files instead of 
rebooting the hole system. Edit stuff like fstab etc.



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