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Re: I got me a mips :)

Previously Florian Lohoff wrote:
> Dump it into ftp.rfc822.org/incoming

Done, look for vmlinux-2.1.100-ip22

> Nope :) - current binutils are just broken concerning mips(el) and gcc doesnt
> even compile on mips

Hmm, bummer. How stable is crosscompiling to mips?

> aj@suse.de/com ? is working on glibc 2.2. for mips which he says is already
> completely working (Without symbol versioning as binutils dont support it).

Any reason why binutils doesn't support it yet? It should be a standard ELF

> Some polish guy which i have to search the email address from is working
> on the binutils symbol versioning - He has published some patches
> which he says should add basic support for symbol versioning for mips.
> Nobody has yet confirmed nor have those been integrated into mainstream.

Is he subscribed to this list?

> I tried already building the xfree3 packages (with some patches i may
> send you) but it has problems building some libs so ther e is nothing
> functional afterwards - I had better success with xfree4 ...

Right now I'm struggling with the filesystem, installing over NFS gives me
`text file busy' all the time so I can't really install something without
messing around a lot and if I use a local disk I only get ext2fs errors..
if I manage to resolve that I can actually try and build stuff, until
then there is little I can do.


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