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Re: I got me a mips :)

Previously Florian Lohoff wrote:
> I would like to start uploading packages which is not that easy for 2 reasons:
> - I am not a Maintainer ( Tried to get maintainer when queue was closed )
> - There is no sid/binary-mipsel

I'll see if I can help with those two.

> With "mips" its a bit more complicated Guido Guenther has set up an
> autobuilder on Monday and tries to build packages. I would like to
> step in any use my experiences on mipsel to do something - I have an
> "SGI Indigo2 Solid Impact" (R4400@250Mhz) which currently does nothing
> because i have no working kernel (Mostly console problems). I am doing
> currently more Kernel hacking than porting as i first need a kernel :)

I'ld like to avoid doing kernel hacking, I don't have the time for that :(
I have a kernel running fine though.

> Thats the state - Most of the current problems as very essential things
> like 
> - Kernel (Broken Architectures like SGI_IP22, Broken headers etc)

The indy is an IP22 machine it seems, and I have a 2.1.100 kernel that runs
fine on it. I can put that online somewhere if you want.

> - Development Toolchain (egcs 1.0.3a + binutils 2.8.1 are OLD)

True, hopefully that's just a matter of compiling though (`just compiling' and
egcs in one sentence.. :)

> - No glibc 2.1 (Symbol versioning problems - No support in binutils 
>                 and different other problems with Incompatibility of MIPS ABI
> 		and glibc behaviour - Probably glib2.2 will be mips ready)

Aie, that sucks. Do you know how that is coming along? I know that we had to
wait for long months for that to be done for ultrasparc..

> - No XFree - I tried building XFree 4 which works with little config
>              script patches - But doesnt build an X Server - I am now going
> 	     to compile against those libs and headers and wait for
> 	     branden to release packages ill take a look at.

XFree 3 might still be a better thing to start with, XFree4 doesn't have the
same number of drivers of architecture support.


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