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problem finding a debian for SGI MIPS R1000 or R4000

I've been looking to resolve a problem with os for an old SGI Challenge machine. To make a long story short,  I've been looking to turn the machine into a gaming server (weird, I know.) Irix doesn't have a lot of gaming support. So I started searching for a Linux flavor that would work. (Almost every new game published has a Linux version. ) I'm not too up to date on this breed of SGI and I know very (very, very!) little about linux. (other than that it's another -ix operating system and it falls under the Linux open source thing, unlike irix, and that makes it free. That's pretty important in this scenario.) I'm fairly die-hard and prepared to learn Linux. However, I need to know if this is even possible. I've hung around this list for a bit and seen a lot of Sparc and SGI Indy posts. Does Debian support the challenge mips chips? Where do I actually start for information? (debian.org didn't have very much information on this subject.) Can this turkey actually fly? I really appreciate any input that you guys could give me. Thanks for your time.

-Lee Martin

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