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Re: Hey guys,

>>>>> Florian Lohoff writes:

Flo> On Fri, Feb 04, 2000 at 07:58:47AM +0100, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
Flo> Same here with Little endian Mips on Decstation - Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.com>
>> It's aj@suse.de - I don't think that aj@suse.com would work.

Flo> OOps - Sorry :)

>> I see the following problems:
>> - get glibc 2.2 running without symbol versioning
>> - fix binutils so that symbol versioning works
>> - get support for MIPS/Linux into gdb/gcc/binutils so that those work
>> without additional fixes
>> I'm working on the first part now - and will try to report bugs in
>> binutils so that one day glibc even works with symbol versioning
>> (without symbol versioning you loose compatibility - for ever).

Flo> I think Marciej did a lot about Symbol versioning in binutils - Afaik
Flo> it basically works for mips - Doesnt it ?

I fear not enough (but I'm not sure) - and since Marciej didn't have
access to a MIPS machine he couldn't test everything properly.  The
patches from Marciej didn't go into the binutils cvs archive, some
people were not totally happy with them - and some of his patches have
never been commented on :-(.

Currently I'm encountering one bug in binutils after the other :-(.
I'm in contact with a binutils developer at SGI and hope he fixes
those bugs.  I've disabled symbol versioning in glibc and managed to
come a wee bit further.

I'm not sure if the bugs I encountered are in the symbol versioning
support or in another part of the linker.  But disabling symbol
versioning I have one free variable less ;-).

 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs aj@suse.de
   private aj@arthur.rhein-neckar.de

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