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Re: RM200 and mips in general

On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 05:48:16PM +0100, Radim Gelner wrote:

> can get are at www.linux.sgi.com. But it's too much SGI for a beginner
> like me. I've read I need MILO and cross-compilers, and I need to know
> wether my machine is mips or mipsel, but this all doesn't make me any

Afaik the RM200 is little endian so its "mipsel" ... There is a target
for RM200 in the Linux Kernel (Mips based) so probably it will even work.
I know Michael Engel (engel@unix-ag.org) has got an RM200 - Probably
he has got some tips on How to boot that beast.

> cleverer. At SGI they're talking about hardhat distribution, but it is
> 260MB! I just want to build a Linux kernel (preferably at my i386, this

The Hardhat is a Big Endian distribution and the RM200 should be little
endian ...
Have a look at http://lena.fnet.fr which was the beginning of all Linux/Mips
efforts - It is a bit outdated by now but contains probably some infos
on the RM200 ...

> is why I need a cross-compiler?) and try to boot it as a first step.

Yep - Depending on your distribution there are crosscompilers available
as rpm on the ftp.linux.sgi.com sites ...

> Well, the boot is question for itself. It seems that everbody is booting
> via tftp, I'm not sure if I want to set it up. Does these machines
> boot from floppy?

I think both is possible. But for the start you should concentrate on tftp
which should be much more standard than floppy.

> Several times you mentioned some mips based debian packages. Can I use
> them for RM200? If yes, where they are?

RM200 should be supported although i know from Michael that some RM200 just
dont work - No clue why ...

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