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RM200 and mips in general


this seems to be a pretty low traffic list :-), I hope, somebody is out
there. Recently I've got an old RM200 and I would like to do some Linux
development on it, especially if the Debian can be the option.

This week, I tried to reach several people, who appeared in the mailing
lists and seemed to have an access to SNI RM200. But nobody of them has
replied :-(. Maybe they do not do that anymore. I read lots of the
documentation where possible. It seems that most recent information one
can get are at www.linux.sgi.com. But it's too much SGI for a beginner
like me. I've read I need MILO and cross-compilers, and I need to know
wether my machine is mips or mipsel, but this all doesn't make me any
cleverer. At SGI they're talking about hardhat distribution, but it is
260MB! I just want to build a Linux kernel (preferably at my i386, this
is why I need a cross-compiler?) and try to boot it as a first step.

Well, the boot is question for itself. It seems that everbody is booting
via tftp, I'm not sure if I want to set it up. Does these machines
boot from floppy?

Several times you mentioned some mips based debian packages. Can I use
them for RM200? If yes, where they are?

Radim Gelner

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