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Re: SGI Indy has arrived

Mike Goldman wrote:
> The SGI Indy I was offered has now arrived, these are the vital specs:
> Processor: 200 MHz R4400, with FPU
> Primary I-Cache: 16K
> Primary D-Cache: 16K
> Secondary Cache: 1024K
> Memory Size: 96MB
> Graphics: Indy 8-bit
> SCSI Disk: (1 GB presumed -- I may upgrade this)
> Audio: Iris Audio Processor: ver. A2 rev. 4.1.0
> I haven't hooked up an external SCSI CD-ROM yet in order to install
> Irix, which I believe is recommended before attempting to bootstrap
> HardHat, and in turn to begin the process of Debianization.  Once this
> is done, I will gladly make it available for other Debian developers to
> work on MIPS porting.

You don't need Irix.  You only need to netboot it and provide a proper
root filesystem.  The latter are found at ftp://ftp.linux.sgi.com/ as
well as kernels.  The Debian base should be right behind the door.



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