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Linux/MIPS FAQ entry

Hi Guys,

We need an entry in Ralf's FAQ before it goes live, so please comment
on/annotate the following:

3.2  Debian

A Debian-MIPS port is currently underway, and dates back to the packaging
efforts of Vincent Renardias in 1997.  Current efforts are being bootstrapped
using SGI/Linux as a base, and dpkg compiles natively, nearly ``out of the
box.''  In addition to the SGI version, some interest has been shown in little
endian platforms.  Keep an eye on the Debian-MIPS Port page
<http://www.debian.org/ports/mips/> for developments.

Ralf's dists section currently looks like this:

Linux distributions

 3.1  RedHat

  For MIPSeb, there's Rough Cuts Linux, previously known as Hard Hat Linux,
  which is most of Red Hat Linux 5.1 ported for MIPSeb.  You can get this at

  It is also bundled along with M68k, UltraSparc and PowerPC in a package
  called "Rough Cuts" pressed by Red Hat, and available wherever Red Hat
  products are sold.  This is a very convenient way to get it without having
  to download 280MB.  You can order Rough Cuts directly from Red Hat at

  As well, there's a distribution based on Red Hat 5.2 that's targetting the
  Cobalt Qubes; those binaries will work perfectly on other MIPSel
  architectures available at



Michael Hill
Tottenham, Canada

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