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RE: Linux/MIPS FAQ entry

Here's what was submitted to Ralf Baechle for the Linux/MIPS FAQ.  Names and
dates were removed for the sake of brevity and the context (sorry, Vincent).
I thought we could always add the illustrious history later when the port's
further along.

  A Debian port is underway.  Current efforts are being bootstrapped using
  SGI/Linux as a base, and dpkg compiles natively with few changes.  In
  addition to the SGI version, some interest has been shown in little endian
  platforms.  Keep an eye on the Debian-MIPS Port page,
  <url url="http://www.debian.org/ports/mips/";> for developments.

Keep an eye on http://www.linux.sgi.com/mips/ for the updated  FAQ (it's not
there yet).



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