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Bug#988466: RFS: aspell-sl/0.60-5 -- Slovenian dictionary for GNU Aspell

On 21. 05. 21 03:17, Paul Wise wrote:
> * At this point in the freeze, the release team asks for folks to
>    upload new upstream releases and other changes not targeted at
>    bullseye to be uploaded to experimental instead of unstable.
>     - https://release.debian.org/bullseye/freeze_policy.html

Should I wait with this package until Bullseye is released?

>  * Should doc/sl_SI.aff also be converted to UTF-8?
>  * Should doc/sl_SI.aff be installed outside /usr/share/doc?
>     - `apt-file search .aff` suggests the same location as the other files

.aff is an affix definition file. README_sl_SI.txt has (outdated)
instructions on how to use it with OpenOffice.

This exact same file is also packaged and installed into
/usr/share/hunspell by "hunspell-sl", since hunspell/Libreoffice makes
use of it.

As far as I can tell, .aff is not used or related to aspell at all. I
don't think it makes sense to install it anywhere in "aspell-sl". I
included it under /usr/share/doc only for the sake of completion.

If you think it makes more sense, I can simply drop it from the binary

>  * Creating debian/clean would let you drop override_dh_clean

I like it better the way it is right now because doc-utf8 directory is
created and removed a few lines apart in d/rules. It makes it clearer
what is going on.

As far as I can tell, dh_installdocs can't automatically transcode
files, so I need the overrides.

>  * There are some lintian complaints:
>     - some of them are true and unfixable (you could override these with a
>       comment explaining the situation)
>     - at least one of them is incorrect (you could file lintian bugs)
>     - at least one of them could be fixed

Can you tell me which lintian warnings you mean? I only get:

$ lintian --version
lLintian v2.104.0~bpo10+1
$ lintian --pedantic aspell-sl_0.60+really0.50.0-1_all.deb
$ lintian --pedantic aspell-sl_0.60+really0.50.0-1.dsc
P: aspell-sl source: package-uses-old-debhelper-compat-version 12

debhelper-compat is 12 in Buster. I think it makes sense to make it
possible to build the package on current stable.

>  * file is not able to identify sl.cwl, any idea what format it is and
>    what tools are able to read it? (you could file a bug against file)

It's a text file compressed with "prezip" (part of aspell). You can
decompress it with "precat sl.cwl"

Best regards

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