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Bug#988466: RFS: aspell-sl/0.60-5 -- Slovenian dictionary for GNU Aspell

On Thu, 2021-05-20 at 20:28 +0200, Tomaž Šolc wrote:

> I contacted Tomaž Erjavec and Aleš Košir (one of the authors of
> aspell-sl). aspell-sl is currently unmaintained. The old website and the
> archive of releases were lost in a hard drive crash.

Some of it is available on archive.org, but only earlier versions.

This tool can be used to download everything from archive.org:


> I checked the gnu.org release (0.50-0). It appears newer than 0.60 on
> which the current Debian package is currently based, despite its version
> number. It has a later copyright date (2004 vs. 2002) and the dictionary
> has approx. 17000 new words added and no words were removed.

That is an interesting development, thanks for noticing.

> For now I think it makes sense to base the aspell-sl Debian package on
> the 0.50-0 release from gnu.org instead of the 0.60 from the old
> website. I see on repology.org that other distros that don't pull
> aspell-sl package from Debian do that as well.


> In the long term, it would be nice if aspell-sl would get a new upstream
> maintainer. I will send out a few more mails, but I suspect finding one
> will not be easy.

Thanks for doing that.

If that happens, I think the AUTHORS file from 0.60 should get
restored, it is important to give credit for work people do.

If that happens, whoever creates the new project might want to import
all the upstream tarballs from archive.org and the Debian snapshots, so
that the project history is preserved.


> I've updated my proposed package: I changed the version to
> 0.60+really0.50.0-1, updated the copyright file, added a watch file that
> checks the gnu.org index and did a few other minor packaging changes.

As I'm not a Slovenian speaker and am not doing any i18n/l10n, I'm not
the best person to be sponsoring this package.

Since there is no translation list for Slovenian, I suggest that you
ask on the debian-i18n mailing list for a sponsor.

Alternatively, hopefully Tobias Frost (CCed) will sponsor, as they did
in 2016 for the last upload.

If both of these options fail, then I am willing to sponsor, some
comments you might want to look at before that though:

 * At this point in the freeze, the release team asks for folks to
   upload new upstream releases and other changes not targeted at
   bullseye to be uploaded to experimental instead of unstable.
    - https://release.debian.org/bullseye/freeze_policy.html
 * Should doc/sl_SI.aff also be converted to UTF-8?
 * Should doc/sl_SI.aff be installed outside /usr/share/doc?
    - `apt-file search .aff` suggests the same location as the other files
 * The web page in the Vcs-Browser field doesn't really provide a web
   based interface for browsing the git repo, I suggest dropping that.
 * Your copyright dates on debian/* should be "2016, 2021".
 * Creating debian/clean would let you drop override_dh_clean
 * There are some lintian complaints:
    - some of them are true and unfixable (you could override these with a
      comment explaining the situation)
    - at least one of them is incorrect (you could file lintian bugs)
    - at least one of them could be fixed
 * file is not able to identify sl.cwl, any idea what format it is and
   what tools are able to read it? (you could file a bug against file)

PS: I did a search through the Debian locations resources and found a
few places where Slovene, Slovenia or Slovenian are referred to within
a Debian related context, links below. In case you want to bring the
Debian Slovenian community together, these links could be a good start.

ircs://irc.oftc.net/debian.si (from https://wiki.debian.org/IRC)
(only one person in the channel. several others in the access list, one
of them (Jan Prunk <yang>) is online today (but not in the channel), the
rest were last online in 2011 but have registered email addresses)
https://www.debian.org/mirror/sponsors ;(ftp.arnes.si sponsored by ARNES)



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