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Re: Location for user installed plugin libraries and icons

The user install plugins can vary between very simple with a config file and a couple of icons up to complex with large data >1GB  and hundreds of icons. So leaving them lying around on smaller, resource constrained systems when the main application is removed does not seem very user friendly.

If debs must not touch files in $HOME but is allowed to create files there (is that not a contradiction?) where else could the 'user' files be placed?

Is there a process that allows the deb to 'clean up' the application when the application is uninstalled, in particular any 'install' artifacts that have been installed by plugins? Debs will identify dependencies (other debs) that are no longer required when they are uninstalled and the system package manger will allow automatic uninstall of unused items if the user wants. Debs will also allow complete delete of all data that was installed.

In the main it is expected that the systems will be 'single user' or 'single user account', so it is unlikely that there will be multiple plugin installs for different users. The idea of the plugin manager is to remove the need to have elevated privileges to install plugins so it makes the user experience better. The use of .local and .config is not the problem it is the clean up at uninstall that is. My experience of most users is that they have no understanding of the file system beyond 'Documents', 'Downloads' and 'Desktop', so I am trying to work within that constraint. I know users who buy new phones/tablets/PC's because they become 'slow' due to obsolete stuff lying around which they were not aware of, so I am trying to avoid exacerbating this issue.

The intention is not to delete config files or user data unless explicitly requested to do so. It is just to remove the 'packaged' files or files that are non-user modifiable which can easily and automatically re-downloaded if needed.


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