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GPG Key Support

Hi all,

After a little inactivty uploading to mentors.debian.net (I've been working on packages I've got upload rights on), I had a new package rejected with the following error yesterday.

`Unable to verify file fbb_7.010-1_source.changes. No public key found for key 473487E7AA5AFB305FADED408959E33CCA8044BA`

This is one of my subkeys, which is in keyring[1] unfortunately I can't update my pubkey on the site as it's 2048 bits and I get an error on trying to save -  `Key size too small. Need at least 4096 bits.`

Has anyone got a suggestion on what the best next step to take is?

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/debian-keyring/keyring/-/blob/master/debian-maintainers-gpg/0x03A1FB7A1904771B


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