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Re: GPG Key Support

Hi Dave,

On 2021/02/08 11:32 AM, Dave Hibberd wrote:
> After a little inactivty uploading to mentors.debian.net (I've been working on packages I've got upload rights on), I had a new package rejected with the following error yesterday.
> `Unable to verify file fbb_7.010-1_source.changes. No public key found for key 473487E7AA5AFB305FADED408959E33CCA8044BA`
> This is one of my subkeys, which is in keyring[1] unfortunately I can't update my pubkey on the site as it's 2048 bits and I get an error on trying to save -  `Key size too small. Need at least 4096 bits.`
> Has anyone got a suggestion on what the best next step to take is?
> [1] https://salsa.debian.org/debian-keyring/keyring/-/blob/master/debian-maintainers-gpg/0x03A1FB7A1904771B

Mentors tries to enforce strong GPG key for newcomers, hence the error
you see when trying to import your key.

In order not to conflict with Debian keyring actual requirements, we do
accept other keys, on a per case basis (people would usually contact
mentors's support email). Having a key already in the keyring
definitively fall under this category.

So, I've force the importation of your key and you should now be able to
upload with 0x03A1FB7A1904771B.

Baptiste Beauplat - lyknode

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