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Bug#981621: RFS: filezilla/3.52.2+dfsg-3 [Team] -- Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client

On Tue, 2021-02-02 at 10:53 +0100, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> Hello Philip,
> while we like to remove non-free stuff from our tarballs, I don't
> think removing dlls is a good use case.
> Using the upstream tarball is quite convenient, since we have less
> importing errors, the md5 is the same
> and can be verified, and we don't introduce patches that last
> forever.
> DLL files are not used in our build process, so they are not
> impacting in any way the resulting deb file.
> Do you think this repack is really worth?
> I know sometimes we want to silence lintian, but the cost might just
> be too high for a little gain.
> I would like to know if anybody else has a different opinion, please
> share it with me!
> thanks for caring about DFSG-ness of the package!
> Gianfranco

Hi Gianfranco,

I had a feeling the DFSG and lintian changes maybe questioned, though
they are in-line with policy. For this reason I prepared a package
backup pre making these changes. :-)

Certain DFSG lintian warnings do possibly need discussion around them
and if they should be strictly adhered to.

I will upload a version without the contentious changes and we can go
from there.



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