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Re: fix severe bug in my package

I've uploaded a new 7.6.6 version to the mentors site with a fix for this issue


I see there isn't a soft freeze until Feb 12, so hopefully this can be migrated before that deadline.


On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 9:03 AM Aaron Boxer <boxerab@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Mentors,
Last night I discovered a severe bug in my encoder. The bug affects lossy
compression of monochrome images, a very large class of images. The bug
causes the output pixels to be set to 0, which is pretty serious.

I realize there is a freeze on new packages leading up to Bullseye release, but
is there a way of getting a new version in somehow? I wouldn't want the current
version to be released.

Thanks very much,

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