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Bug#981621: RFS: filezilla/3.52.2+dfsg-3 [Team] -- Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client

Hello Philip,

while we like to remove non-free stuff from our tarballs, I don't think removing dlls is a good use case.

Using the upstream tarball is quite convenient, since we have less importing errors, the md5 is the same
and can be verified, and we don't introduce patches that last forever.

DLL files are not used in our build process, so they are not impacting in any way the resulting deb file.

Do you think this repack is really worth?

I know sometimes we want to silence lintian, but the cost might just be too high for a little gain.

I would like to know if anybody else has a different opinion, please share it with me!

thanks for caring about DFSG-ness of the package!


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