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Bug#974882: RFS: pentobi/18.3-1 [RC] -- clone of the strategy board game Blokus


I have updated the package again because a new bug report came in.

The changelog entry is now:

pentobi (18.3-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.
    - Fixes compilation with Qt 5.15 (Closes: #975128).
  * d/control:
    - Use debhelper compatibility level v13.
    - Remove Dean Evans from uploaders because of long inactivity.
      Thank you for your contribution as the initial maintainer!
    - Bump Standards-Version to 4.5.1. No changes needed.
    - Add libqt5svg5 to Depends, required for SVG images (Closes: #975314).
    - Depend on qml-module-qtqml just to avoid issues with Qt 5.14 and earlier
      (Closes: #973855).
  * d/copyright:
    - Update years.
    - Change Upstream-Contact from the recently closed mailing list to
      GitHub issue tracker.
  * d/rules: Drop the custom linker flag -Wl,--as-needed which is not
    necessary anymore after becoming the default.

 -- Juhani Numminen <juhaninumminen0@gmail.com>  Fri, 20 Nov 2020 17:04:16 +0200

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