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Re: Looking for help towards my first Debian package (ITP#962603)

On Thu, 2020-06-11 at 01:52 -0400, Qianqian Fang wrote:

> I listed zlib1g in the Depends section, isn't it the provider of libz.so?

The Depends in debian/control are not the same as the dependencies of
the library file itself (although usually the library dependencies are
automatically translated to Depends using ${shlibs:Depends}). When
linking the library you need to link against libz.so, typically you
would do that like this:

gcc -o foo foo.o bar.o baz.o -lz

> I am the upstream author of this toolbox. I included those precompiled 
> mex files because most of my users do not have a dev environment to compile.

If you have users who aren't able to do compilation, you can provide
the precompiled library and other files in a separate tarball or zip.
If you are using github, you can attach those to your release tags.

Since you are upstream, check out our guide for upstreams:


> I will remove them from the orig tarball then.


> Boyuan in an earlier message suggested to use libzmat instead of
> libzmat1. I've changed my control files on salsa
> https://salsa.debian.org/fangq/libzmat

This repository doesn't appear to be public, but libzmat is definitely
the wrong name for the binary package name, it should be libzmat1. It
is an acceptable source package name, but if you change the Debian
source package name you should probably also change the upstream name.
Which upstream name you want is dependent on what you intend to put
into the repository, is it just the library (use libzmat) or also other
things that use the library (use zmat). You could also put those other
things in a separate upstream repository and source package.

> moving forward, to make these suggested changes, do I need to
> reupload the package to mentors?




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