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Looking for help towards my first Debian package (ITP#962603)

hi there,

I am learning my way towards creating my first Debian package. The specific package I am working on right now is in this ITP bug


at this point, I've uploaded a set of packaging files to salsa


I'd like to have someone take a look, and help me figure out some of the remaining issues.

Specifically, here are the things I want to fix

1. one of the 3 subpackages is an Octave toolbox (as a mex file). Although the binary was compiled during the packaging process, I wasn't able to find a template to assemble the octave package. can someone point to me if there is a template (for a similar mex-based toolbox) for octave?

2. when running debuild, I got the below warning

dpkg-shlibdeps: warning: symbol deflateBound used by debian/libzmat1/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libzmat.so.1 found in none of the libraries

although, I've already added zlib1g-dev to Build-Depends and zlib1g to the Depends fields, I am wondering what else do I need to add.

3. I have two errors from lintian:

E: zmat source: source-is-missing private/zipmat.mexa64
E: zmat source: source-is-missing octave/linux64/zipmat.mex

these two folders (private/octave) are precompiled binary (mex) files using the same source codes. They are not installed anyways, I am wondering if I can set a flag to skip these files (or run a pre-build script to remove them?)

4. naming convention: did I do this correctly? can I use libzmat or zmat as the main package name?

if you can provide additional feedback on this package, I am very much appreciated.



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