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Bug#874305: RFS: mitlm/0.4.2-1 -- MIT Language Modeling toolkit

Control: tags -1 moreinfo

I can confirm the FTBFS in a pbuilder enviroment. 

Other notes: (Note that I did NOT a complete review)
- Are you sure you want it uploaded to experimental? Why?
- d/compat could be bumped.
- (S-V has increased in the meantime too, when over it you might want
to update that to the latest)
- maybe consider switching to debhelper (and dh_autoreconf). I'm pretty
sure that will simplify d/rules a lot. (This would be whishlist entry
of mine, not required at all)

Please fix the FTBFS (and if you want the stuff above), then remove the
moreinfo when ready!


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