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Bug#881032: RFS: icecc/1.1-2~bpo9+1 NMU

Control: tags -1 wontfix

Hi Pablo,

mmm, a backports upload is quite special..

looking for your name in the usual Debian locations, (DDPO,
minechangelogs, contributors.d.o) I cannot find previous contributions
with your name on it, so I cannot recommend that you do a backports
upload as your very first contributions to Debian. (It could be that
I've missed something, just let me know in this case)

After all, when uploading to backports you commit yourself to maintain
that package for a quite long time. See [1] for details.

Many thanks for providing a backports pacakge. You maybe want to file
a wishlist bug against icecc to ask for an backport of it and attach
your diff as patch to it. 

Otherwise, be very welcome to contribute on other areas of Debian [2]!
Backports is just advanced stuff, but  there are many other
opportunities to get you hands wet which would be more suitable. 
Pointers are all those orphaned packages[3] , bugs that are tagged
newcomer [4] ...

I'm tagging this bug "wontfix" for now. If you disagree with me on the
above, feel free to remove the tag again but please expand a bit on
my concerns and how you will adress them.

As said, contributions are very welcome, but for backports you should
have already some Debian experience...


[1] https://backports.debian.org/Contribute/
[2] https://wiki.debian.org/how-can-i-help
[3] https://wnpp.debian.net/
[4] https://wiki.debian.org/BTS/NewcomerTag

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