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Bug#863278: RFS: usbguard/0.7.0-1

Hi gustavo,

On 07/22/2017 08:43 AM, gustavo panizzo wrote:
> Hello
> I did review the package, here are my comments
> - i did compare usbguard-0.7.0 tag from upstream github with
>  upstream/0.7.0+ds1 from your repo
> - Why did you remove NOTES.md, doc/usbguard-vs-udev.md,  and
> ROADMAP.md?, they look useful.
I did not- i'm not using the git repo from upstream as a source for
orig, but i'm using the tar.gz upstream provides. In this tar.gz (which
i imported using gbp import-orig --uscan), those files are not included

> - in your git repo there should be a tags with the debian releases, i only
>  see upstream/XXX tags. please push, and sign, tags to your repo.
Oke, i've created a signed tag for this release and pushed it

> - why m4/* files haven't been updated since release 0.5, upstream no
>  longer ship those files. Why keep shipping it? i can build
>  successfully against stretch, with or without them.
Hm, they are part of upstreams release, i'll ask if they can be removed

> - why src/GUI.qt/ is deleted?
Hm, what do you mean? i don't see that happening...

> - i'm glad you deleted the 3rd party code :)
> - please import upstream tags on your git repo, that makes more easy for
>  others to review (and hopefully send patches)
I plan to switch to using upstreams git repo at some point, but at the
moment I feel more safe using the released .tar.gz files. Is it a big
advantage for reviewing the packaging stuff? In that case i'll try to
have a go at this before the next usbguard release...


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