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Bug#863278: RFS: usbguard/0.7.0-1

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 03:52:12PM +0200, Muri Nicanor wrote:
On 06/29/2017 05:35 PM, gustavo panizzo wrote:
Hello, apologies for the late response

no worries, as you can see i'm not very fast myself

oke, so...

On 06/18/2017 11:23 AM, gustavo panizzo wrote:

- please set the years to include 2016, 2017. there are some files owned
by RH which are copyright 2016 but in d/copyright it only says 2015

- src/Tests/Makefile.in, src/Tests/test-driver are copyright FSF
added in d/copyright

- would be cool to run files-without-copyright.sh
you mean in d/rules?

- src/Tests/USB/data/0001.bin src/Tests/UseCase/DummyDevices/root.tar.xz
 what's the source of that file? please regenerate them at build time
i'm not sure how to deal with this- the 0001.bin is a copy of a binary
USB Descriptor of one of upstreams devices.
which device? is it a physical device? is it a virtual device?

upstream says:
This is a copy of a binary USB descriptor of one of my devices. I
don't think I know anymore which one

but i've removed those files from the archive for now, patched the
relevant testscripts and created a bug report to create the testdata
from source [0]
cool, excelent
please add a target gen-orig-xz (or gz, or bz2) to d/rules to generate
the source from upstream source.

- please clarify copyright for src/Tests/custom.supp
done so in [1] and upstream added a public domain header [2]. i've added
a paragraph about that file to d/copyright, although it does not yet
contain that public domain header in this release (the file containing
the public domain header is not part of a relaese)


- You have a d/gbp.conf but not Vcs-* headers on d/control
 would be cool if you publish your git packaging, and documented it on

please push tags to you repo so i can compare between your tags and
upstream tags

 if you do that, please use pristine-tar to publish the tarballs
oke, i've imported the tarballs using pristine-tar commit
../usbguard_0.7.0+ds1.orig.tar.gz and used --git-pristine-tar with gbp


- please fix spelling in 'neede kernek'

* New upstream version 0.7.0
 This release contains a backwards incompatible
 change because it changes how the device hash is
 computed for Linux root hub devices

Please create a NEWS.Debian file, also please make a note to add a
notice in the release manual for buster (i know, looong time)
Users hate when things change without notice (i'm an usbguard user :)
i've added a d/NEWS file (dch --create --news) and added the information
there. did you mean i should make a note for myself or did you mean a
note in d/NEWS and if the latter, what is the syntax?
I meant the latter (so users can read it and fix their configs)

the package fails to build with sbuild

please do the d/rules targe and/or the tag in the repo so i have a way
to validate the source you are providing before upload. i don't see anything else
missing in the package :)

new version is on mentors ;)


[0] https://github.com/dkopecek/usbguard/issues/188
[1] https://github.com/dkopecek/usbguard/issues/175

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