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Bug#863278: RFS: usbguard/0.7.0-1


On 07/16/2017 05:28 PM, gustavo panizzo wrote:
>> [...]
>> but i've removed those files from the archive for now, patched the
>> relevant testscripts and created a bug report to create the testdata
>> from source [0]
> cool, excelent
> please add a target gen-orig-xz (or gz, or bz2) to d/rules to generate
> the source from upstream source.
done in git

>>> d/control
>>> - You have a d/gbp.conf but not Vcs-* headers on d/control
>>>  would be cool if you publish your git packaging, and documented it on
>>>  d/control
>> fixed
> please push tags to you repo so i can compare between your tags and
> upstream tags

> the package fails to build with sbuild
it works here *if* i stop the usbguard-daemon on the system i'm building
the package. one of the tests tries to start a usbguard daemon which
fails if there is already a daemon running

> please do the d/rules targe and/or the tag in the repo so i have a way
> to validate the source you are providing before upload. i don't see
> anything else
> missing in the package :)


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