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Re: Preferred source: a fundamental question was Re: - #859130 ITP: lina

Albert van der Horst <albert@spenarnc.xs4all.nl> wrote:
> For those not versant with assembler. The binary that is generated is
> supposed to be byte for byte the same with both assemblers. If not it
> is a bug. The sources are equivalent, the binaries are the same, it
> really is the same program.
> Note, that I could not have told that I use an internal representation
> and nobody could have guessed (nor benefited.)
> So is the .s accepted as source conform Debian policies?

Unpopular or obscure source formats can still be the preferred source.
Presumably you use this internal representation for a good reason.  If
it helps you, it can help others.

Walter Landry

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