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copyright for debian/* files, collab-maint access

Hi mentors,

I declared my ITA gmrun and I have two questions:

1. The current debian/copyright is written in a way that it does not
   apply to the debian/* files.  So, as far as I can tell, the previous
   maintainers have not stated under which license they make their work
   available.  Should I try to reach the main contributors and ask them
   if they agree to a specific license or is there a better (easier)
   way to resolve this?  Is there a recommended license for these files?

2. I would like to use a git repository in collab-maint for hosting.
   Is it possible to get access?  I am a member of the pkg-security
   team and I've used git on alioth before, my username is ls-guest and
   I've made the request to join online.

Thanks in advance

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