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Re: Preferred source: a fundamental question was Re: - #859130 ITP: lina

On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 7:34 PM, Albert van der Horst wrote:

> This is of course in the spirit of open source, and it is the
> "preferred source of modification" for the *target* audience.

"Preferred" in "preferred form of the work for making modifications to
it" does not refer to downstream consumers of the code, but the form
that upstream prefers when making modifications.

> If I publish the program as open source in the context of Debian, I give out
> the .s file because I honestly believe that the "preferred source of
> modication" for a Debianist is the native gnu assembler format. I myself
> change the master file in order to be able to deliver a service to those who
> prefer nasm.
> Note, that I could not have told that I use an internal representation and
> nobody could have guessed (nor benefited.)
> So is the .s accepted as source conform Debian policies?

In this case you have made it clear that the master file is the
"source code", not the generated assembly. IIRC you mentioned this
during earlier discussions too and I see on github that your Makefile
builds the .s files from the internal representation.

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