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Re: RFS: i8kutils/1.43 -- Fan control for some Dell laptops

I understood, by your questioning about RC, that I should remove it. If
so, I agree! I am new at packaging. I put RC there as I thought I should
have chosen between ITA,ITP,QA,NMU,RC. It is not clear in the rfs-howto
that this field is optional. Then, RC removed from subject.

Lintian error "bad syntax of NEWS.Debian" is corrected at the package on
mentors now. Just needed two spaces in the beginning of the lines,
instead of one it had.

Lintian error about "debian/control" corrected based on your suggestion.

Name of "Karl E. Jorgensen" corrected!

Now everything seems alright.

On 01/07/2017 17:25, Adam Borowski wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 01, 2017 at 12:21:06PM -0300, Vitor Augusto wrote:
>>   I am looking for a sponsor for my package "i8kutils":
>>  * Package name    : i8kutils
>>    Version         : 1.43
>> i8kutils (1.43) unstable; urgency=low
>>   * Remove ui from i8kmon.
>>   * Removed smm tool as smm.c code is obsolete. smm functions must be at
>>   kernel module.
>>   * Updated i8kmon to work with dell-smm-hwmon kernel module. LP: #1620360.
>>   * Updated manpages.
>>   * Drop dependency on tk package.
> I don't see anything RC here...?
> Also, please run lintian on the package and address errors it reports. 
> There are two:
> * bad syntax of NEWS.Debian -- would confuse automated tools like
>   apt-listchanges
> * you've put lsb-base into Build-Depends rather than Depends
> Another nit: while using UTF-8 is not yet mandatory, it'd be nice if you
> converted the name of "Karl E. J<F8>rgensen <karl@jorgensen.com>" in
> debian/i8kmon.init -- I guess he doesn't usually spell his name with a
> lesser-than᛬capital-F᛬digit-eight᛬greater-than.
> Meow!

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