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Re: lintian: spelling

Octavio Alvarez <octaldml@alvarezp.org> writes:

> On 10/21/2016 04:56 AM, Ben Finney wrote:
> > I would suggest:
> > 
> >     :param int max_no_dec: number of rounds we allow [FIXME] to be stuck.
> > 
> > where “[FIXME]” must be replaced with something explicit. Is it “the
> > program”? “the network connection”? Some other party? It's not
> > specified, and I think Lintian is correct to complain.
> What about:
> :param int max_no_dec: number of rounds we allow being stuck

Still far too ambiguous. Why not just *explicitly* state what party is
granted the allowance?

*Some* party is allowed to be stuck, but the current phrasing doesn't
say what; the description should be clear and say what that party is.

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