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Re: lintian: spelling

[Disclaimer: I'm not a native speaker of English.]

* Jerome BENOIT <sphericaltriangle@rezozer.net>, 2016-10-21, 01:36:
is there a list where we can deal on how correct spelling error as detected by lintian ?

For the curious. In the source, there is the sentence:

	:param int max_no_dec: number of rounds we allow to be stuck

Lintian complains about "allow to" because "allow" requires an object, and in most cases[*] this object goes between "allow" and "to". But here, "number of rounds" is the object. IOW, this line could be paraphrased as:

We allow $max_no_dec rounds to be stuck.

I'm not sure if there's a way to fix Lintian to avoid this kind of false positives. Maybe debian-l10n-english@ would know?

[*] I've seen dozens (or maybe even hundreds) of instances of "allow(s) to" when spell-checking random software, and it's the first time I see when it's not a mistake.

Jakub Wilk

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