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Bug#841660: RFS: budgie-desktop/10.2.8-1

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> dget -x https://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/b/budgie-desktop/budgie-desktop_10.2.8-1.dsc

>1. I noticed on mentors.debian.net that the watch file failed - this
>is very strange since nothing has changed for months now - is there a
>bug on mentors at the moment causing the watch to fail?

IIRC yes

>2. ran check-all-the-things - this did not find anything new from>previous uploads


>3. ran lintian -i -I on the sources - no new items listed in previous uploads


>- to reiterate - current linitian items are known upstream
>budgie-desktop.  relnow, bindnow will be resolved once the VALA stuff
>is recoded to C
>- rpath is necessary due to upstream GNOME GTK_3.22 private mutter API changes
>- the patches added are upstream budgie-desktop released since v10.2.8
>- bugs found after release that are necessary for ibus capability on



>  Changes since the last upload:
>  * New upstream release
>    - GTK+3.22 fixes
>    - new places indicator
>    - new ibus indicator
>    - refreshed panel icons
>    - updated translations
>    - general fixes for the desktop
>  * Packaging changes:
>    - Drop all now obsolete previous patches named 000*
>    - add new build dependency libibus-1.0-dev
>    - Updated debian/copyright with revised info for new source files
>    - add recommendation to install gnome-screensaver; screenlock capability
>      in budgie-desktop does not work without this package
>  * add patch upstream patch to allow the ibus applet to compile:
>      0001-Lower-the-ibus-requirement-to-1.5.11-for-our-Debuntu.patch
>  * add patch to ensure ibus is connected correctly if already running
>      0002-wm-ibus-Always-try-to-use-an-existing-ibus-daemon-if.patch


missing licenses (cc-by-sa3.0)
+ * Copyright (C) GNOME Shell Developers (Heavy inspiration, logic theft)


other stuff seems good


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