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Re: Bug#801253: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager

sorry. i don't understand this point: You say, i should correct my

Not really. It was primarily meant as advice for the next time. :-)
You can fix it if you want, though, but you don't need to. (I should
have been more explicit in this regard...)

I did understand it as an advice/friendly suggestion/improvement, so don't worry :)

As example how its done correctly you cite my own commit?

Not. :-)

You don't need to add changelog items if you fix things in the scope
of the current changelog entry (i.e. if you fix anything which has
been added after the last upload).

==> i wanted to make my changes explicit, as it may be not obvious that i ran debconf-updatep. But,well here is the updated version.


(And btw: i didn't use git revert here, because no one has pulled yet from my repo..)

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