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Re: Bug#801253: O: wicd -- wired and wireless network manager


toogley wrote:
> running "git buildpackage --git-debian-branch=master" in the branch
> master results in "gbp:error: upstream/1.7.3 is not a valid treeish"
> which doesn't make sense to me, as we obviously have a debian dir in
> the master branch. (I'm refering to
> http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/167565/117978)
> Di you have an idea i could try?

Yes. Pushing the tags from the Debian repository into your repository.
gbp is expecting a git tag there and doesn't find it.

Compare https://github.com/toogley/pkg-wicd/tags with

> What about those two commits?
> https://github.com/toogley/pkg-wicd/commit/4c930acc59031a10647d68310020d893258313b6

Much better! :-)

Only one small thing to nitpick: Usually the changelog items are added
at the bottom of the current entry. They may be grouped by
contributor, though, i.e. adding new items at the end of your item
group as you did here:

> https://github.com/toogley/pkg-wicd/commit/5fdf48ce5f55ea70047e7e1e790e893070ef4593


I'll likely take these two commits and add them to the upload I plan
to make this weekend. (Didn't work out last weekend...)

		Regards, Axel
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