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Bug#809451: sponsorship-requests: librep/0.92.5-1 [ITA]

On 09/01/16 21:07, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 09, 2016 at 06:57:08PM +0000, Jose M Calhariz wrote:
>>> I'm going to try rebuilding the rdeps in the later today or tomrrow, and
>>> I'll report back the results.
>> Ok.
> that clearly fails because the header moved from e.g. rep.h =>
> rep/rep.h.
> Well, guess thtat's expected, also the two rdeps come from the same
> project so well, guess we're just going to upload this to experimental,
> and prepare the 2 rdeps later (that you said you're going to adopt,
> actually you own only 1 ITA, btw).

Fixed the ITA.

>> I have trimed the changelog.  Is not yet very good, but I hope that is
>> good enough.
> that's quite up to you, except some bits.
> the rewrite of d/copyright using copyright-format-1.0 should be
> documented, the rest looks documented enough to me.
>> And I will talk with upstream about this things.
> cool.
> ok, once you do this I'll upload, and we shall go one with one r-dep,
> I'd say, wouldn't you? :)

The next r-dep neads to be rep-gtk, the sawfish needs the newer versions
of librep and rep-gtk.

Kind regards
Jose M Calhariz

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